What do I need to know

A) What I got wrong last year

1) Not enough kit – brood boxes and frames
2) doing the anti swarm manipulations too late
3) not getting the queen back in the hive
4) no plan
5) not cleaning the old brood frames quickly enough
6) not recording properly or as well as I should have done
7) Not treating for varroa
8) Not managing new queen introductions well
9) making a mess with frame spacing

B) What do I want to do this year

1) Review swarm training
2) Review swarm control measures
3) Identify swarm preparations before queen cells produced
4) Are double broods sensible or should I go 14 x 12
5) Replace old queens
     i) own stock or
     ii) buy in or
     iii) combination
6) Monitor varroa levels
7) Treat varroa –shook swarm and sacrificial comb
8) Replace all old comb

C) What does success look like

1) No swarms
2) Average 60lb honey per hive (360lbs across 6 hives)
3) 6 hives at the end of the season viable to get through winter
4) Break even financially

What information do I need to record

1) Age of the queen
2) Date queen replaced
3) Date of inspection
4) Number of frame sides with bees
5) Number of frame sides with brood
6) Evidence of brood diseases and type of diseases
7) Varroa levels
8) Temperament
9) Brood box number/s
10) Hive designation or number
11) Queen found
12) Evidence of Queen
13) Brood Space
14) Stores space
15) Queen Cells
16) Comments
17) Action Taken
18) Future plans/action


Simon’s Hive Record Sheet

Simon Castleman Hive Record Sheet as a Word Document

Simon Castleman Hive Record Sheet as PDF File