Today I attended the 2nd of our introduction to beekeeping lessons run by Simon Croson. It was nice to hear from a couple of new members how friendly our association was compared to other associations they had experienced. I wasn’t sure if I would learn anything, but it was definitely worth attending for a refresher.
This afternoon I carried out my routine hive inspection. Initially it was a little chilly so I was planning a quick inspection for swarm prevention only.
As I opened hive 1 the sun came out so I was able to take my time and quickly found the unmarked queen I have failed to find since last summer. I caught her with a crown of thorns and marked her. Although there were bees in the super there were no stores. The brood frames were all nicely full of brood.
Hive 2 has bees in both supers but again little in the way of stores in general. I changed the brood box for one which had been cleaned and scorched. Plenty of eggs, brood and queen seen on 2nd to last frame.
Hive 3 has the largest stores in the super but still disappointing. Plenty of healthy brood and eggs, didn’t see queen. Carried out drone brood uncapping to check for varroa after brief check last week. Please to find no varroa in the approx 40 drones in the photo below.image

Introduction to Beekeeping and Hive inspection 19/4/14