As I’ve artificially swarmed all my hives and the Oil Seed Rape honey is extracted things will hopefully calm down a little for a week or two.
I carried out my inspections today as early in the morning as I could, so I didn’t interrupt any queen mating flights, which generally take place in the afternoon.
I had a quick look in the nuc, the chosen queen cell had been uncapped at the end, so now we just need to wait a few weeks for her to mate. Hopefully the queen in the top part if hive 1 will of also emerged. Honey stores in hive 1 are adequate, the poor weather has prevented much foraging. The foundationless less frames are still being drawn, albeit slowly. I did notice that the new comb was not being fixed at the lower third of the frames, I think this was due to the hive not being level, the new comb was going straight down but the frames were not. I levelled the hive.
Hive 2 is the one that swarmed, there was a few more queen cells being built, so I removed all the new ones, leaving the one I left last time. I will recombine this hive next time to try and strengthen them up for the next honey flow. Honey stores again were adequate.
Hive 3 is doing nicely, the brood box is filling nicely with brood, the queen I marked then dropped into the hive was seen, phew. Again honey stores were adequate, the honey previously stored in the lower brood box had been moved to make way for brood.
The swarm has now got some sealed brood, which appears to be healthy. I will probably start taking a few brood frames out of here to bolster my swarmed hive at my next inspection.

Hive Inspection 30/5/2014