I attended the last day of our Introduction to Beekeeping course today. Today covering products of the hive and pest and diseases. I was inspired to try cut comb honey again. Hopefully there will be a break in Oil Seed Rape honey this year.
In the afternoon the rain gave way to sunny spells so I was able to carry out my 7 day inspections as planned.
Approaching hive 1 I could see bees entering the hive covered in yellow pollen, typical of bees foraging on Oil Seed Rape. Try spotting a yellow marked queen amongst this lot!imageI did however see her on the 3rd frame after marking her last week.

The bees have been busy since last week and have started filling the super, so I will add another. In the brood box the bees have been busy making queen cups, but as yet no eggs or larvae were seen in them.

Hive 2 has started filling the 2nd super, so I will add a third to this hive. Fewer queen cups (such as the one shown below) in this hive, still no eggs or larvae in them. image
Hive 3 also required a second super. In the brood box there were quite a few queen cups, one of which contained an egg standing on its end, which means it was laid very recently. This may or may not of gone on to produce a queen. I removed it and will see what happens next week. All 3 hives brood boxes are full of brood including the nice frame of capped worker brood below.image

Hive Inspection 26th April