It’s only been 5 days since my last visit to my hives but I needed to take off much of the Oil Seed Rape honey before it sets in the combs.
I had a quick look in the nuc I supplied with a queen cell on Saturday, the cell was still intact, so hopefully the virgin queen will emerge in a couple of days.
I removed 15 frames of honey from hive 1, leaving them 5 frames to make sure they don’t starve if the weather changes. The queen cell I left in the top brood box was also still intact.
Hive 2 yielded a further 12 frames, with potential to take some more off by the weekend. When I inspected the brood box I found queen cells just started, it quickly came clear that the the hive had swarmed as the queen was gone and there were no eggs to be found. I left them with one queen cell and closed them up.
I removed a further 12 frames from hive 3 and there is still more to come. The super I added 5 days ago had been filled. The inspection of the brood box showed no problems, although they were storing quite a lot of honey down there which hopefully they will move up when the queen needs the space.
I then inspected the hive containing the swarm I collected from my parents. They seemed to be doing ok, with no signs of disease in the uncapped brood.

Sorry for the lack of photos this week, normal service will be resumed.

Hive inspection 22/5/2014