Today’s inspection was fairly uneventful. All 3 of my honey producing hives are still bringing in nectar, although not at a vast rate. I’ve not added any more supers as I will be removing them all in a couple of weeks for extraction.
The varroa in the hive I removed all the brood from has been vastly reduced by the thymovar. I added a frame of eggs from another hive to prevent laying workers. I will remove any queen cells they produce.
I noticed the wings of the queen in hive 3 are getting worn on the trailing edge. She is my oldest queen, who came to me in a swarm in 2012.

In hive 5 I am removing old brood frames from the brood nest and placing them in a deep box above a queen excluder. This will allow the brood to emerge, then I can remove the frames.

Hive inspection 17/07/14