Winter preparation is the job for the next few visits to my hives. This evening I have to remove 7 supers that the bees have been cleaning, clear them of bees, apply varroa treatment and add feeders.

I decided to remove all the supers and move them away from the hives hoping the impending darkness would encourage the bees to return to their hives. Then apply the varroa treatment, add feeders and return after things had settled to fill the feeders will 8 pints of 2/1 sugar syrup with 5ml of emulsified thymol.

The bees were a bit slow at returning so I had to shake/brush 70 frames clear of bees. Maybe if I had more time using clearer boards would be quicker in the long run.

On 3 of my hives I have used Thymovar to treat the varroa. On one I am trying a diy thymol mix, bee inspector would probaby have a fit. I will check inspection boards to see how effective it is. The bees as usual didnt appreciate the thymol and started bearding on the front of the hives. 20140816_200331

By the time I got to my last hive it was getting late and they welcomed me with 4 stings through my latex gloves. Fortunately I dont react to stings like I used to.

Sorry about the side on photos,  new camera phone doesn’t work like my old one. I will sort it out soon.  Also I have had to remove the option to leave comments due to excessive spam.

Varroa Treatment 15/8/14