Sleaford Beekeepers had a stand at the Heckington Show this weekend, to promote bees and beekeeping.image

A small group of volunteers manned the stand for the weekend, so we were not able to put on the same number of demonstrations as we did last time. However our stand did win a bronze award. image
The marquee we were in was very hot on the Saturday so I think some people stayed away. Those that did make it as far as our stand were drawn to the observation hive. image
We met a great number of people who were very interested in bees and their current plight, recent TV program’s know doubt partly the cause of that.
There were certainly quite a few people interested in starting beekeeping, and joining our association.

The show tent was well represented by members of Sleaford Beekeepers, I was particularly pleased with my second prize for my liquid light honey. Still must try harder.

The Heckinton Show. 26/27th July.