Hi, my name is Steve Fearn, as a member of Sleaford Beekeepers Association since 2011, I have taken it upon myself to create this website.
My first introduction to beekeeping was when I was 10 years old, when a neighbour, who had 2 hives in his garden had trouble preventing them from swarming. He was more than happy for us to give a home to one of his swarms. With 1 poor book and no other help we were doomed from the start. It did however get me hooked.
It was probably 10 years later armed with the same poor book that I resumed beekeeping, when a swarm of bees arrived at our new house. What occurred over the next few years with grumpy bees made me give up again.
In 2011 having moved to the Sleaford, area I made the decision to purchase a nuc of well tempered bees. Since then with a lot more knowledge and the backing of Sleaford Beekeepers Association I have been reasonable successful.
The aim of this blog is for me to record my beekeeping year, with my bees and with the Sleaford Beekeepers Association. I consider myself as a beginner, so what I write here may not always be the right way, so please feel free to let my know.
I hope that knowing what other Beekeepers in the Sleaford area are doing from week to week will be of some help to other beginners.