Sleaford Beekeepers Needs YOU!

It needs stating that Sleaford Beekeepers is a volunteer organisation and without volunteers we can not organise. This does not mean volunteers have to spend hours in front of a computer. Most roles in Sleaford Beekeepers can be done one or two hours a week. Even the Secretary’s role does not have to take much more time than this. Some roles like Membership Secretary are highly seasonal, winter in this case. Others roles like publicity or social organiser are what you make of it. So if you have a couple of hours a week when the rest of the household are watching soap operas or sport could you do something for the Sleaford Beekeepers?

We are required by the Lincolnshire Beekeepers Association’s Constitution to elect a Secretary and a Treasurer all other posts are optional. The following list of possible posts suggested, we do not need to fill them all but it would be nice to do so and thus spread the load.

Required Posts

Secretary – mainly for communications and correspondences. Requires access to a computer.

Treasurer – to keep track of Sleaford District finances.

LBKA Central Council representative – required to attend four evening meetings a year at LBKA ruling body plus the Annual General meeting, to represent Sleaford members.

Apiary Manager – this post is required due to the passing of the Setting up an Apiary proposal at the EGM on November 2019. Manager should have or agree to acquire a BBKA Basic certificate within their first year.

Optional Posts

Chairman – members may wish to consider whether or not we need the post of chairman. We could always elect a meeting chairman for contentious meetings.

Membership Secretary – responsible for collecting membership fees and bee disease insurance. Current records are kept online so post holder will require access to a computer.

Education Coordinator – this is a traditional post that has fallen into disuse. There are attempts to re-establish the LBKA education committee. This is a very open-ended post with a broad remit.

Website Manager – responsible for ensuring the information on the Sleaford Beekeepers website ( is up to date. The website currently uses a system called WordPress which is relatively easy to learn.

Swarm Coordinator – traditional post somewhat superceded by the online swarm collectors map.

Social Organiser – organises the summer and winter district socials but could initiate other events.

Publicity – publicise and promote SBKA events and activities, to press and public.

Heckington Show Coordinator – Call meetings, book pitch, rally members, coordinate display along with many other details. Heckington is our biggest contact with the public.

Honey Show Secretary – our honey show is our celebration of what we do. It is well established so is relatively straightforward to organise. It would be good if the Honey Show Secretary worked on strategies to encourage more people to take part. Only a quarter of members took part in 2019.

New Logo Instigator – we have been talking of replacing our rather naive logo with a new one for several years. This post is relatively undemanding and could be completed very quickly. Members will choose winning design.

Fund Raiser – when the Apiary gets running we will need to raise funds. If anyone has knowledge or training on grant applications this would be very useful or even if you are just willing to give it a go.

Special Interest Groups – for small groups of members wishing to pursue topic that are not main stream.

For example:

Queen Rearing Group Leader – in the Apiary survey in the summer Queen Rearing was the most popular specific topic suggested. Would anyone like to start planning this for when the Apiary is up and running?

(Any Others?)

Meeting Leaders

Each month Sleaford Beekeepers hold an open meeting around a topic. We can not afford to pay for a speaker every month. Many of you will have skills and knowledge that other members would find useful. Please consider presenting these skills to your fellows. If you have not done this sort of thing before consider doing it with a partner or presenting half a meeting. Also there are plenty of people who can give you advice on public speaking. It is a very useful skill to acquire.

Or perhaps go to a conference, a talk or a honey show. Why not take ten minutes to tell your fellow beekeepers what you saw.

Most of you could lead a meeting. Please consult the Secretary if you are willing to give it a go.

Can you think of other things we should be doing?

Graham Luckhurst

Acting Secretary