The fourth Open Apiary of 2017 was hosted by SBKA youngest member, William Crook. The weather was perfect and it was a shame that attendance was poor. (Note to members do come along and join the fun. You missed out on some excellent gluten free banana muffins baked fresh by Nicola Crook.) Main objective of the afternoon was to check the well beeing of the hive and nothing to do with the consumption of scones and cakes.

Ok, William. Crack it open.

A super looking super.

Steve explaines that this is honey.

That wax will have to come off.

Unexpected intruder!  Steve explained that this naked corpse is a bumble bee with its hair removed as the bees start to dismantle and remove it from the hive.

Queen spotted.

Checking well being and looking for queen cups.

Is that one?

Just there.

And another.

I think that's is all of them.

Just one more.

A final check and ...

... back together.