The Third Open Apiary of 2017 was joint hosted by Steve Fearn and Simon Croson (in the hat)  on 20th May.  The weather was unpredictable and plan bee was initiated with convoy over to Simon's poly tunnel.  Simon showed us his large collection of hives.  SBKA members then returned to Simon's tea and cakes, including a delicious coconut macaroons made by the multi-talented Karen Fearn.  Members also saw A bee.
1. As its raining we have come inside ...


2. ... to look at a large range of hives.


3. High tech hives.


4. Low tech hives.



5. High tech AND low tech.


6. Just a few more to go.


7. I tell you the Queen was THIS big.


8. I would not do it that way!


9. Concrete models of pollen for the Lincolnshire show.


10. Models of pollen not made from concrete.


11. This is how you use a pollen trap.


12. It the rain going to stop?