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Being a member of Sleaford Beekeepers brings with it many benefits. A programme of monthly meetings, which gives you the opportunity to meet with local beekeepers of all levels of experience who are always willing to offer help and advice. Our Open Apiary events, held at members own apiaries, promote learning and discussion that only comes about when handling a hive of bees.

It also allows access to a range of beekeeping equipment, that can be hired at low cost, and access to a collection of beekeeping books.

We help our members with the costs involved in taking the BBKA Basic assessment and further BBKA examinations. 

Membership of Sleaford Beekeepers also includes membership of LBKA and BBKA, who's benefits are set out below.

Classes of Membership in Lincolnshire Beekeepers' Association 2019

1. Full Member (Registered Member)

An active beekeeper or someone wishing to be treated as such becomes a member of the local District, Lincolnshire Beekeepers' Association (LBKA) and British Beekeeepers' Association (BBKA).

As a Registered Member of the BBKA :

Receive BBKA News magazine monthly

Attend BBKA events

Product and Public liability insurances to £10M

From BDI, bee disease insurance for the first 3 hives, optional extra premiums for additional hives.

As voting members of LBKA:

Receive Quarterly Review magazine and Directory of Members

Attend LBKA events

Attend District events

2. Partner Member

A member who is an active beekeeper with all rights as above except that they share BBKA and LBKA publications with the Full Member who lives at the same address.

3. Associate Member (Non-BBKA Member)

A member who is not an active beekeeper has access to all District activities and some LBKA activities at the discretion of the organisers.

NB. Some Districts also have a Junior Member rate for Associates who are in full time compulsory education.

4. Country Member

An Associate Member (ie non- beekeeper) who wishes to opt into BBKA but does not receive any of the BBKA insurances.

5. Junior Member 

Beekeepers under the age of 18.

The membership year runs from 1st Jan to 31st December each year. New members joining from September to 31stDecember have membership to the end of the following year.

LBKA membership is through one of its Districts.