If you have a Swarm …

Small swarm on gate
The first thing to do is leave them alone. The next thing is to check that they are honey bees. You can use the BBKA web page at www.bbka.org.uk/swarm to do this. Our swarm collectors can only collect honey bees as we do not have the experience of other insects and our public liability insurgence only covers honey bees. Also if the bees are in the structure of a building we will probably not be able to help either. The BBKA swarm page gives further advice about this.
We can normally get a collector to you within a day or two. Please bear in mind that this free service is delivered by volunteers. During the peak of the swarming season there can be delays.
If you think we can help you please contact our Swarm Coordinator Colin Gilbert via our contacts page or via mobile number 07742 692724.