Honey Show

Once a year the members Sleaford Beekeepers Association meet in the Caythorpe Village Hall for their honey show. It is a celebration of what we do and a chance for members to congratulate or commiserate with each other.

This year was our biggest show ever with 171 entries in twenty one classes making it one of the biggest local honey shows in the country entitling us to call it a Blue Ribbon event. The Blue Ribbon itself is awarded to the best exhibit it the show. This year’s judge, the nationally recognised Michel Badger MBE, awarded the best in show to John Henwood of Sleaford.

As you would expect most of the entries are honey in colourful classes including the small but perfectly formed Cut Comb class.

We also make a feature of beeswax with colourful candles and meticulously prepared blocks of wax.


Many members also take delight in the food classes of Cake, Lemon Curd, Chutney and Biscuits all heavily featuring honey of course. There is also a Mead class which seams to grow more popular every year.

Then the there are the slightly more peripheral class of Photography, Bee Related Art and your authors favourite a Beekeeping Invention.

We also make an award for the most points gained across the whole show. This year’s overall winner was Caythorpe Village’s very own, Simon Croson.

Sleaford Beekeeper would like to thank Caythorpe for the use of their Village Hall with its excellent size and facilities. Finally, if anyone would like further information on the fascinating pursuit of Beekeeping please contact us via our website or Facebook page, simply search “Sleaford beekeepers”. We usually hold our open monthly meeting in one of your village pubs. All are welcome.