The two files linked below are measurements from a iButton DS1923 datalogger.  This tiny device is only 18mm in diameter and 6.5 mm thick.  It measures both temperature and humidity.  The sensor was set into the top bar of a Langstroth deep frame.  It made measurements every ten minutes between 19/9/16 until removed from the frame in 13/10/17.  The frame was in the centre of an eight frame brood box.  Over the course of the year the small device got covered with propolis so humidity measurements may be compromised.  It is suggested that temperature measures should be unaffected by the covering with propolis.  Both files are in CSV format and should load directly into a spreadsheet.

Temperature measurements  hivetemp

Humidity measurements  hivehumid

The temperature in the centre of the hive remained remarkably consistent with a high of 35.2C and low of 27.2C.  The average temperature was 32.7C.  There is no discernible seasonal variation.