I did my hive inspection today mainly to check on the nuc I made up at my last inspection. Unfortunately the bees in the nuc had torn down the nice queen cell I left them with and made some smaller emergency queen cells. These would most likely make poor queens, so I removed them. The nuc now has no eggs to make another queen so I will either try and find another queen cell or reunite the nuc with the hive it came from.
Hive 1 has been very disappointing with regards to storing honey so far this year, not sure why. I guess they are just not quite as strong as my other hives. It is still early in the season. The brood box was all looking good, eggs and brood in all stages, queen was also seen( much easier since marking). A few queen cups with eggs were found, these I knocked down.
Hive 2 is doing rather better, with a few frames ready for extraction. I will get ready to do these early next week, I need 12 frames for my extractor. The two frames I put in last week for cut comb honey were being drawn nicely.image
The brood box was very similar to hive 1, with good healthy looking brood on all frames, queen and eggs were seen and a few queen cups with eggs were knocked down. The bees in hive 2 are getting increasing grumpy, with a few following me after finishing my inspection. Not a desirable characteristic, I may have to try and raise a new queen for this hive from one of my others. Hopefully they will calm down once the Oil Seed Rape has finished
Hive 3 feels the heaviest of the lot, hopefully I will easily get 12 frames from these 2 hives to extract. No eggs in queen cups in this hive today, some of the combs have a fair bit of drone brood. I will replace all of these when I artificially swarm the hive. The marking on the queen is wearing off, I will leave this to do at my Open Apiary in June.

Hive Inspection 7/5/2014