Due to an unplanned trip to A&E my inspection today was a quick one. Mainly to make sure no hives were making swarm preparations. I have a number of queens who should be mated by now, but didn’t have the time to check those.
Hive one had nearly finished the foundationless frames, much more drone brood has been created than frames using foundation. The queen was seen, and no queen cells were found. The supers contained a few stores but no major surplus at the moment.
Hive 2 is waiting for a new queen to mate so I did little to disturb this hive.
Hive 3 is doing well having drawn out all the brood foundation. A little rearrangement of the outer frames will allow the queen maximum space to lay. I moved the frames containing nectar and pollen stores to the outside.
The swarm hive is doing well, I added a few drawn frames to this hive to allow me to take some out to help strengthen hive 2 after it swarmed. Still no sign of disease after completion of the first brood cycle.

Hive inspection 7/05/2014