Hopefully we are through the main swarm season now, I have been feeling that 7 day inspections have been unnecessary for a while now. Supers are still slowly filling and being capped.
The main event during today’s inspection was the discovery of eggs in the hive that I split due to a high varroa load. As there is no queen in this hive, it can only be due to laying workers. This happens when the queen pheromone is absent from a hive. The worker bees underdeveloped ovaries, normally suppressed by the queens pheromone, start to function. As the worker can’t mate these eggs will only develop into the male drones.
My plan was always to unit this hive with its parent hive after the varroa treatment, so instead I will shake all the bees out of the hive and remove the hive. The workers will find their way into my other hives, except the laying workers, who will be repelled at the entrance. I will do this ASAP.

Hive inspection 24/07/14