Due to weekend commitments I brought my 7 day inspection forward to today. Starting as always with hive 1 the super I put on last week had most of the foundation drawn and a few more stores added. Into the brood box I found a queen cell on one of the first frames.image

This was charged. I marked this frame and carried on with the inspection. Most frames contained recent eggs rather than sealed brood. No further queen cells where found, so I isolated the queen to one end of the hive and made up a 5 frame nuc with the queen cell and replaced the frames in the brood box. I also added another super of foundation to keep them busy.
Onto hive 2 the supers are filling nicely and hopefully there will be some honey to extract soon. I swapped a couple of undrawn frames with some frames with starter strips to make some cut comb honey, hopefully.image

In the brood box there were quite a few queen cups with eggs in. I carefully went through each frame, shaking off the bees as I went and flattened all cells with eggs. I guess there will be unsealed queen cells at my next inspection.
Hive 3 is doing a good job of filling its supers and again hopefully honey to extract soon. The inspection of the brood was uneventful with no further queen cups with eggs.

Hive inspection 1/5/14