Membership Forms for 2019

Fully paid up members

December 2018:  69

January 2019(as of 16/01/19):  13

Change:  -56

Annual General Meeting

Our AGM will be held on Friday 25th January starting at 7.30pm, all members and potential members are welcome to attend.  A map is available here.

This is members main opportunity to influence the direction Sleaford Beekeeper will take in the coming year.

All posts are up for election.  So this is your opportunity the give back to the organisation.  Please consider making a contribution.  We are all volunteers so understand the demands on people's time.  Some posts require less than one evening a month.

All nominations, agenda item suggestions, motions for debate should be sent to the Secretary ten days before the AGM so that they may be circulated to members.

Another Blue Ribbon Trophy for the Sleaford Honey Show

Sleaford Honey Show was held on Saturday 3rd November at the Caythorpe Village Hall.  With 120 entries in 21 classes the Judge, Alan Woodward, was able to award us a Blue Ribbon.

Our Chairman performed his usual magic and won the trophy for most points and also best exhibit in show for a beautiful block of wax.  New members also had considerable success with four trophies being won by new members.  Full details are available the 2018 honey show page.


Sleaford Beekeepers’ Association (SBKA).  We are a district within the Lincolnshire Beekeepers’ Association, which is the county association “covered by the umbrella” of the British Beekeepers’ Association.
The Sleaford Beekeepers Association is an association that provides support especially for new and intermediate level beekeepers and has a mix of social friendship that allows beekeepers of all levels of experience, to interact, share information and provide support to each other.
Members currently come from a rough circle 25km (15miles) radius of Sleaford, but anyone can join.
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Registered Charity number 500360