Got a Swarm?

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All open meetings are Cancelled. 

Members will not be surprised that our regular monthly meetings will not run until further notice.  To keep members informed there will be a short monthly newsletter produced and emailed to members.

Also for more uptodate news, information and gosip please see and use our Facebook page.  (Any further referenced to stepladders will be removed.)

Sleaford Beekeepers Beekeeping Course has been suspended by the venue we were holding it at. Closed until the end of May.

Heckington Show - Sleaford Beekeepers get Silver Gilt Certificate

Despite the weather (and the mud) SBKA had busy stand at the 152nd Heckington show.  There was plenty for members of the public to see and do.  We had live bees in an observation hive, badge making (mainly for children), honey tasting, displays, Asian Hornet information, Bee B'n'B kits (they weren't good enough to be hotels) and event a small flower garden.  Well done to ALL who contributed it was wonderful.  Plenty of pictures on our Facebook page.

Also thanks all our new (and a few old) friend who visited our stand.  If you are still wavering about keeping bees come along to one of our open meeting and find out more. Details above.  The Chairman's Report on the Heckington Show is published here.

Sleaford Beekeepers’ Association (SBKA).  We are a district within the Lincolnshire Beekeepers’ Association, which is the county association “covered by the umbrella” of the British Beekeepers’ Association.
The Sleaford Beekeepers Association is an association that provides support especially for new and intermediate level beekeepers and has a mix of social friendship that allows beekeepers of all levels of experience, to interact, share information and provide support to each other.
Members currently come from a rough circle 25km (15miles) radius of Sleaford, but anyone can join.
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